Professional Service

We pride ourselves on providing tremendous professional service to you even before we reach a Building Contract. We will sign a Professional Services Agreement and you will be given our one-of-a-kind Homeowner Manual that will guide you thru the entire process of designing your home (or reviewing your existing plans with a critical ‘builders’ eye); reviewing your property; and creating detailed specifications (the ‘written details’ that compliment your plans). The Homeowner Manual is a great tool to keep you organized and to help you with the decision making process of selecting materials for your home. The goal of this Pre-Construction process is to clearly define the full scope of your project. Only then can we (or any builder for that matter) accurately create a budget to build your dream home.

Construction Drawings (QUANTITY) X Custom Home Specifications (QUALITY) = Line Item Construction Budget (COST)

The accurate and timely information that you provide us with the help of your Homeowner Manual will be critical to creating a realistic budget and helping us understand and exceed your expectations for your new Home.

First of all, we would like to thank you for considering Lockie Homes to build your new home; we appreciate your trust and confidence in our abilities to meet your high expectations. Our past performance has proven our ability to first define and then exceed the needs, wants and desires of all our Clients. The very purpose of our existence as a Custom Homebuilder is to build the dreams of Customers like you. Along the way, the goals of our Employees, Tradesmen and Vendors are also being served. It is a team effort where everyone wins.

You know from your own life that the greater the difference between expectations and reality, the greater the potential disappointment and frustration. In any relationship, all parties need to have realistic expectations. Those expectations must be clear to all concerned. By carefully documenting your requirements, we hope to meet everyone’s goals and avoid miscommunication and potential problems.

The purpose of this narrative is to let you know what you can expect from us during the planning, construction and closing/warranty process.

Contract Forms

Once plans are completed, we require approximately two weeks two finalize our business agreement. The Contract will be made up of several documents:- Building Contract- Signed Copy of your Specifications

  • Signed Copy of your Allowance Items List
  • Signed Copy of your completed Plans
  • Signed Copy of your Customer Product Selection Schedule

The Construction Process “Quality Through Teamwork

Interestingly enough, actual construction is the most predictable part of this entire process, because in many ways it is repetitive. The challenges arise in the area of communication, since a Custom Home requires so many custom features. Coordinating the customer selections, ordering material on time and maintaining a smooth flowing construction schedule requires a great deal of management skills.

Accurate and timely exchange of information is critical. The Lockie Homes Team will be in personal contact with you for various reasons. We will be requesting information and selections from you, we may seem demanding at times, but it is only in order to keep you focused and on track so your Home can remain on schedule and on budget. We know it can be difficult to make a color or material decision, but remember it is YOUR HOUSE; your friends will all have an opinion, but creating a ‘selection committee’ is often more stressful than making that decision yourself.

We do not ever want to promise you something we cannot deliver. Therefore, we work hand-in-hand with various Trades and Vendors who are experts in their own areas. We use only subcontractors that have proven their value to us over time and share our commitment to quality.

You will be provided with a timetable that indicates when your decisions on various product selections must be finalized with a signed order. This timetable is based on our experience in knowing how much lead-time is required in the ordering process so that construction stays on schedule. If products are not selected on time, construction delays and increases in cost usually result.

In order to ensure that everything is going according to plan, regular walk-throughs will be scheduled with you. Some mistakes are an inevitable part of the construction process. These scheduled walk-throughs will help to minimize the impact of any mistakes, and identify and solve them quickly to your satisfaction as soon as they are identified.

Our staff controls every aspect of the construction process on the job site. Feel free to learn what each subcontractor does; however, if you wish to make a change to the plans, specifications, or your selections please direct those requests through your Customer Care Manager. Our process and documented flow of information is critical to maintaining the effective system we have created to build your Home.

Service After The Sale

Within a few days after you move in, a final walk-through will be scheduled to explain all mechanical systems and introduce you to your home.

You will be given a detailed written Warranty (the National Association of Home Builders Residential Construction Performance Guidelines), which explains the protection we provide you after the sale. Three months after you move in, we will once again contact you to tend to any questions about your home. Any discrepancies existing at that time will be taken care of in short order.

We rely heavily on referrals by our past and existing Clients. We will work hard to ensure your satisfaction and meet your expectations. Our desire is to build a First Class Custom Home and a friendship with you our client.

If you have any further questions or would like clarification of any subjects covered here, please do not hesitate to ask.

Todd A. Lockie, President